The History Book

The Wrecks of Liverpool Bay

Ship Name: ST. MATTHAEUSShip Type: Sailing BarqueShip Flag: ------
Ship Tonnage: 507Ship Port: ------ Ship Number: 0
Ship Call: ------ Ship Length: 0.0Ship Width: 0.0
Ship Draught: 0.0Ship Year: ----Ship Builder: ------
Ship Init Owner: Ship Engine: ------ Engine Builder:
Ship Boiler: ------ Boiler Builder: ------ Updated:
Wreck Name: Location: off East Hoyle Bank
Northerly: N 53 25 15.00Westerly: W 003 14 10.00
Position Acc: Wreck Date: 01/04/1887
Wreck Cargo: SODA ASH & EMPTY CASKSWreck Master: Name of last master unknown.
Wreck File: MDHB/MS/4/2/6Wreck Card I D: MDHB/MS/4/3/2/34
Wreck Card Image: MDHBWK325Dec Lat: 53.420833333333
Dec Long: -3.236111111111wreckcol:
Ref Title: Circumstances of loss MDHB/MS/4/3/2/34Ref Note: DROVE ON SHORE ON EAST HOYLE BANK 0.25M S.E HALF E FROM HE2 BLACK BUOY