The History Book

The Wrecks of Liverpool Bay

Ship Name: NEPTUNEShip Type: BARGEShip Flag:
Ship Tonnage: 55Ship Port: Ship Number:
Ship Call: Ship Length: Ship Width:
Ship Draught: Ship Year: Ship Builder:
Ship Init Owner: Ship Engine: Engine Builder:
Ship Boiler: Boiler Builder: Updated:
Wreck Name: Location:
Northerly: N 53 22 54.00Westerly: W 002 59 48.00
Position Acc: Wreck Date: 04/01/1894
Wreck Cargo: Wreck Master:
Wreck File: Wreck Card I D: MDHB/MS/4/3/1/261
Wreck Card Image: MDHBWK261Dec Lat: 53.381666666667
Dec Long: -2.996666666667wreckcol:
Ref Title: Circumstances of loss MDHB/MS/4/3/1/261Ref Note: SANK ALONG SIDE SS AURANIA ABOUT 30YDS NW FROM S CUNARD RUW